Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Protecting Your Home Online

I wanted to address a serious issue that many people are facing today. People think that they can post anything on Facebook and other social media and they never have to worry about anything negative happening as a result. To The contrary, the story below is a sad case of a Facebook post gone wrong.

In Australia, a home was invaded because of a picture posted to Facebook. The 17 year old daughter of the home's owner posted a picture of a large sum of money that she was counting with her grandmother at the house. Around 11:30 that evening, two men broke into the home wielding knives in search of the daughter and the money. At the time of the burglary, the 17 year old was not home but three other family members were. The men were able to get away with a small sum of money and some personal belongings. Luckily no one was injured in this case.

I would like to make my readers aware of the importance of home security even online. When you post to social media sites, you should never post personal information like your full name, your location, home address, etc. In addition to cases like this, you never know if someone is tracking your page waiting for you to post that you are on a beach in the Caribbean. While you are out relaxing and sharing photos, they are burglarizing your home because they know you are not there.

Also, be very careful posting about new toys like a video game system or a new television. Think like a burglar, if it is something that may tempt you, do not post it online to tempt others. You are practically throwing out a notice to anyone interested in burglarizing you. If you even have a slight idea that a post may be a bad idea, do not submit it.

As always, ensure that your doors and windows are locked and your home security system is activated even when you are home. These devices are here to protect you but they cannot do much if you do not activate them. An unlocked door is just as useless as an open door.

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Dan Miller

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