Friday, June 8, 2012

Non-Lethal Home Security

Non-Lethal Home Security Techniques:

Some people think that the only way to protect their family is with a 12 gauge shotgun and a lot of ammunition, however, there are multiple methods to protect your family that do not use lethal force and can cost much less than a new hunting rifle. A few reports suggest that the answer is pepper spray, taser guns and batons but no one seems to suggest home security methods as an example.

There are literally hundreds of home security systems on the market that can be installed quickly and cheaply compared to a few years ago. In fact, many monitoring companies will now allow you to install your own equipment without paying their contract or installation fees. With a monitored system, you do not have to worry about calling for help or having a back-up plan. The moment a break-in is detected, a signal is sent to your monitoring company and the police that a home invasion is taking place. These systems can help save time and prevent injury to you and your loved ones.

While owning pepper spray, tasers, and even firearms can help protect your family in an emergency, they do not provide the best safety experience that a security system can offer. A home security system can prevent a home invasion before it even begins if you display outward signs of an active system.

As always, keep your doors and windows locked even when you are home and ensure your security system is activated if you have one installed. Also, be sure to check out some of my other posts for additional tips and tricks.

Dan Miller

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