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Setting Up Home Security Cameras

Best Places to Set Up Home Security Cameras:

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Although a security camera may not be the most practical home security technique in the book, it is a useful technique that can help scare off a would-be burglar. I personally have a few around my home in strategic locations and while some of them are fake, most are 100% real. They can work to protect your home. I have seen footage of slow moving cars pulling into my driveway only to speed off seconds later as they see the red light of the security camera staring them down.

There are certain places you should install security cameras. These cameras can often provide a view up to 100 feet so it is not necessary to install them everywhere and some locations are more vulnerable than others. Here is a list of suggested installation locations:

Garage Doors:

A security camera near a garage door can help track activity in your driveway. Depending on your situation, this a the primary route of entry for a burglar as they will often case out the block looking for opportunities. Occasionally, the burglar may even park their car in order to get closer. Placing a camera here with an active recording light can help scare off the burglar or at least take some nice photos of the burglar and their vehicle for your scrapbook.


For the same reason you install a camera near your garage, you should also install one on the patio. A burglar may try to get a closer look into your home or even try breaking through glass patio doors. Often burglars attempt to open doors before breaking them down and a security camera can monitor this vulnerable spot. See the burglar before he has the opportunity to get near your home.

Front Doors: 

This is one of the most visible locations in your home. These doors can benefit from having a security system installed. Cameras not only help monitor who goes in and out but they also keep watch over your property and can help thwart vandalism.

Offices and Saferooms:

Often when a burglar enters a home, they go for offices and saferooms to try and take valuable items. Ensure that you can track what is taken and where it was taken from. Corners and ceilings are the best places to install your new camera.


The basement is often considered to be an afterthought, however, homeowners should consider this to be a vulnerable entry point. This is a good location for a burglar to quietly try to enter the home. Let the burglar know that the basement is protected with surveillance cameras installed above windows and doors. Let the burglar know this is not a good entry point.


Security cameras alone are not an optimal home security system. These devices should be seen as an add-on to your system, not a substitution. However, they can be a great way to keep an eye on your home while you are on the road and can increase peace of mind.

As always, ensure that you keep your doors and windows locked at all times. Do not create the perfect invitation for a home invasion. Also, always keep your security system activated even when you are home. A deactivated system is no use to you once someone enters your home.

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