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Wireless or Wired Home Security

Wired vs. Wireless: The Final Showdown

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Over the years, home security has advanced but so have burglars. You need to stay on top of your game to ensure that your home is always protected against property theft. To stay on top, you are looking at a new home security system. You see that there are two types of systems, wired and wireless. Now you need to decide what works best for your home and if you can do it yourself. The good news is that you now have help to figure out the best security system for you. I am here to breakdown the two types of systems into an easy-to-understand format.

There is no system that is completely above the rest. Your optimal system will depend on a few factors like the size of your home, your budget, and how risk averse you are. If you are looking to save a few bucks and do a quick installation, you may be better off with a wireless system. If your looking for something that is difficult to bypass and you do want to change batteries often, you may be better off with a wired system.

Wireless Security System:

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There are some great advantages to a wireless system. They can be great for older homes that may have a difficult time wiring for a home security system. They are also great for power outages or if a burglar cuts your power because it will not be affected by any outages. While some wired systems have a battery backup, those can only last so long before the battery is drained. You can also extend a wireless system to as many areas as you need to and you can install some wireless systems in about an hour. These systems can also cost less than most traditional systems.

There are a few negatives with a wireless system though. The first is that they mostly rely on batteries to run so they need to be checked and changed on a regular basis. The system also requires many components to be placed near the central control panel to be within the range to function properly.

Wired Security System:

Wired systems can be fantastic but as I mentioned earlier, they may not be good for every home or situation. These systems can often cost more and have a complicated installation process due to drilling and wiring issues.There are some benefits to a wired system though. The biggest of which is that they are not as sensitive to radio or electronic interference and they can run on a battery backup so you are always connected. They are also fantastic if you need to accommodate numerous zones to add additional protection to your home.

Wired systems to have some negatives though. As I mentioned, there are a lot of difficulties with installation because you need to run wire to to every entry point including doors and windows. They can also be extremely difficult to install without the help of an electrician or certified security engineer. Wired systems can also cause issues for homeowners when you are moving as well because it is extremely difficult to take the system with you and remove it from the home. You also have an additional challenge from the wiring because you need to hide it so that a potential burglar could not cut the wiring.

Be sure to find the best system for your need and your budget. Factor the cost and difficulty of installation into your equipment selection. Also, ensure that your monitoring company will support your equipment. If you are looking to save on the hassle, many security companies will provide free equipment in exchange for a monitoring subscription.

Remember that installing a home security system is just the beginning of your home security profile. There are additional home security tips that can help you protect your family and your home.


  1. I think home security alarm is play the biggest part of our home security system. The biggest benefit of having a home security alarm is the peace-of-mind that comes with it. When something goes wrong whether you are home or thousands of miles away on vacation, knowing that a system is already in place and that your house has a direct link to the proper authorities is very reassuring. Very nice tips i think wireless alarm system is better than wired one.

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  2. Thank you for the comment! I agree with you on the wireless system especially if you have to retrofit your home. If it were a new construction, I would wire it in but its not worth the installation time normally.